Welcome to "The Bridge Center of Transformation." We're dedicated to guiding women on a journey of Slow Living, where mind, body, and spirit unite. Through the fusion of ancient traditions, energy work, and modern science, we embrace your uniqueness, fostering well-being in harmony with nature's rhythms. Join us to reconnect with your essence, revitalize your vitality, relief stress and embark on a transformative path tailored to you.

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workshops and events

The Bridge Workshops and Events

We regularly organize and host workshops and events on Mindfulness, Spirituality, Health, Nutrition, Law of Attraction, Conscious and Spiritual Business, Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation, Shamanism, Energy Medicine.

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the bridge membership

The "Slow Living Mastery" is a monthly membership program and community to support you in implementing slow living practices in your daily life

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Sessions and Consultations

On the dedicated page you find the available sessions and consultations and the details for booking your appointment.

What Our Clients Say

  • Elizabeth White

    International Sales and Trading Consultant

“I attended Paola’s online group coaching program Prosperity Summer Camp because I felt I needed to restructure my business and have clarity on  my next steps and how to move forward.

The transformation certainly exceeded my expectations . With Paola’s support and insights I have been able to discover new angles to my business and a complete new road to success".

  • Ann Flynn

    Product Scout & International Sales

"I did a course with Paola a few years ago and happily  she never ceases to amaze... The "Aligned" program is truly a plethora of wisdom and an eye opener to  enhancing your business. I suggest anyone who wants to break through the barriers of successful entrepreneurship to sign up immediately."

  • Ilaria Cavallin


I met Paola in 2018 during a sudden difficult change in my work.

The coaching sessions helped me get out of my disillusionment and of the fear of having no goals. Not only: she gave me the tools to overcome possible setbacks and difficulties in my life.

After only two months of coaching, I feel self confident, a new person both personally and professionally.

Thank you!

  • Chiara Ippoliti


"Paola's course and masterclasses named Aligned: Balancing you Chakras for Your Business Success, have changed my mindset and my way of looking at my business. I feel more aware of my potential, I feel more confident and have a more clear vision of my core values, my mission and target. Paola' s coaching has given me the tools I was missing in order to want to move towards a different level. I feel I want to continue in this direction and I am very grateful for the time, the energy and the passion that Paola clearly has put into this course."