[038] Expressing Your Talents to Make an Impact and Live a Prosperous Life


Are you ready to nurture your talents to make more impact in your career or business and create prosperity in your life?

This week I have talent expert Dace Lace on the podcast.

Dace is the go-to person if you are unsure what your talents are, or if you feel that you are expressing your talents in your business or career. Companies hire Dace to create a stress-free environment where talents can be expressed and thrive.

During our time together, Dace explains:

  • how stress blocks and is detrimental to your talent;
  • what talent truly means;
  • how you can become more aware of your talents:
  • what you can do when you feel you cannot express your talents in the career you have chosen;
  • how aligning with your talents helps you to be an impactful leader;
  • how aligning with nature and its rhythms helps you live a balanced life and accomplish more.

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Dace’s website: www.talentart.lv

Dace’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dace-lace-talent-art/

Dace on Clubhouse: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@dacelace

AchieveBeyond: bit.ly/achievebeyondsummit

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