[046] How to Cultivate Self-Awareness for a Thriving Life


Self-awareness is about checking yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can show up with your best energy in every area of your life.

Yet we very often put ourselves last on the list. We don’t check how we are, we just go on with our everyday routine and very often keep pushing even if our body is telling us that we’d better take a break.

When we are aware of our energy and take the necessary steps to shift it when we realize it is low, we show up differently in life, we stay longer in a “flow state”, we become happier, healthier and more prosperous.

This is the topic of today’s episode with Jennifer Lyall. Jennifer and I met in a Facebook group and immediately clicked. We started a beautiful collaboration hosting empowering conversation for women entrepreneurs on Clubhouse.

Jennifer is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer. She helps conscious visionary entrepreneurs with a big vision who are losing control with too many ideas and too much to juggle, to get centred and focused. As they learn to master their energy and intuition they can uplevel their impact and income, while doing what makes their heart sing. Jennifer is known for helping entrepreneurs make million dollar decisions, trusting their intuition; helping ambitious women ambitious women get clear, focused and productive in their business and master their energy so they have stronger boundaries and be happier.

This is what we cover in today’s episode:
  • The importance of becoming aware of your own energy
  • Feeling overwhelmed: a sign you are not aligned with your life vision
  • How to understand the opportunities that are a good match with your vision
  • How to understand when you aligned with your vision
  • How to shift your energy to bring it back into alignment
  • Pushing yourself is not productive
  • How to understand your body’s messages and be sure you are not ignoring them
  • Cultivating self awareness is about checking with yourself before taking action
  • Self-care vs self-awareness
  • Navigating difficult times
  • The energy of prosperity
  • Jennifer’s special gift to my listeners: her special energy check-in process

Jennifer’s website: https://jlyall.com/

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Jennifer on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livhealthybyjenniferlyall/

Jennifer on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlyall/

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