10 Practical Steps to Business Success


business successSome people get promoted, receive raises, and are respected at work more easily than others. Do you know why? For a very simple reason. Successful people do a few things differently than others and do them consistently. You can enjoy the same level of success if you adopt the same behaviors and find your ways to stand out and project professionalism.


If the people that matter believe you can contribute more, you’ll be provided with plenty of opportunities!


Contribute to your success by trying the following:


  1. Be on time. Be on time for everything, not just the beginning of the work day. Be on time for meetings. Avoid leaving work early. Complete your work on time. When you’re late, you’re viewed as unreliable, untrustworthy, and unprofessional.
  2. Dress like a successful entrepreneur.  You’ll be viewed as more serious and professional. Whether you like it or not, your daily attire can have a significant impact on your ability to secure deals and achieve your goals.
  3. Build the skills you need for the next level. What do you need to know to be successful at the next level? Prepare yourself for negotiating your best deal by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.
  4. Solve challenges. People are as valuable as the problems they solve. Be someone that finds and creates solutions for your customers. The best problem solver is a valuable go-to person. Figure out your ideal customer’s most difficult challenge and seek a solution.
  1. Ask for feedback. By asking for feedback you accomplish several things. You can gauge the opinion of your best customers and other relevant people. Not only you can improve your products and services and your company’s performance. Finally, you show that you care about your your customers and their opinion.
  2. Know the people that matter. Who is most respected in your industry? Who are the influencers? Who make things happen? Who are good connectors? Get to know these people. They can do a lot to help your business.
  1. Look for opportunities to go above and beyond. It’s pretty easy to show up and do just enough to keep your company going. That’s what everyone else is doing. Rise above that mentality. How can you stand out? Lookfor unique opportunities.
  1. Act professionally. Be on time. Avoid gossiping. Use appropriate language. Be reliable. Do good work. Answer emails in a timely fashion.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile regularly. Record your accomplishments and new projects  while they’re still fresh in your mind and keep your LinkedIn profile update.  You never know what opportunities might come your way.
  3. Participate in networking events. This is where business opportunities are created. Prepare a 1 minute USP, offer value to the people you meet, provide useful information, ask questions and listen. And then follow up: send an email or a contact request on LinkedIn reminding the person where you met.


Now it’s your turn. What do you do regularly to contribute to your success?


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