5 Ways Reiki Benefits Your Business


At a speed networking event last week, I was asked this question: “I understand Reiki for healing but how do you use Reiki in your business?”

To me it’s natural and practical. However I understand that it may not be the same to other people.

For those of you who are new to Reiki, It is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The term “Reiki” is commonly translated as Universal (REI) life-force energy (KI ). Universal life force energy refers to the energy that is within every living thing on earth – plants, animals, humans  – and which surrounds us at all times. The concept of the presence of a ‘life force energy’ within and around us has been a key part of many cultures and philosophies going back thousands of years. The words ‘Chi’, ‘Ki’ or ‘Prana,’  also refer to the same energy source.

Reiki gently removes blocks at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and gently brings these levels into alignment. (if you have never experienced a Reiki session, you can book one here)

Science has shown that we are energy beings. Our energy systems – 9 energy systems have been identified, the most well known are chakras, meridians, aura – must be taken care of in order for the energy inside and around us to flow freely and naturally. Our energy is affected and gets blocked by our life experiences, other people’s energy, the energy of the environment

Our business is energy too, and whether we are aware or not, is directly related to and affected by our personal energy.

So by re-balancing our personal energy, we are able to remove blocks and balance the energy or our business.

So here are 5 benefits of using Reiki for and in our business: 

1. Reiki helps us become aware of our energy and how we are affecting the energy of our business.

Self-doubt, fear, self-sabotage, money blocks, overwhelm and limiting beliefs  can all have a major impact on our personal energy and on our business success.

When we operate from fear, for example, – which is unfortunately very common in the situation we are currently living – we are out of alignment energetically: the energy of our first chakra – that represents our safety and security, the ability to provide for our basic needs – is blocked. If the blocks are not removed, we may experience overwhelm, procrastination, feeling unmotivated, money difficulties, inability to get the right clients, delays, feeling stuck or on hold.

A regular Reiki practice helps us become aware of our energy and how energy blocks manifest in our business.

2. Reiki helps us identify and clear any underlying blocks that can keep you stuck or prevent you from reaching your professional goals.

When you understand what is preventing you from getting the right clients and you clear that block with the help of Reiki, you are able to implement the right actions to get the ideal clients you want to work with. These actions may include, for example:

  • Changing your message
  • Create a special offering for the clients you want to reach
  • Try a different marketing strategy
  • Review your vision and mission statements so that they speak to your ideal clients

3. Reiki helps you to connect more deeply with your intuition

When dealing with our business, even the most spiritual entrepreneurs tend to favour their left brain or logical mind and ignore their intuition.

Our intuition is our divine self speaking. It is that part of us that is always connected with the Universe (you can call it as you wish, God, universal energy, spirit, or anything else) and that knows what is best for us.

Our logical mind has a loud voice, while intuition whispers. And we may not hear the whisper. 

Reiki helps you to be more aware of your intuition whispering to you.

4. Reiki helps you get more clarity

Overwhelm, fear, self doubt, past traumas, limiting beliefs may “cloud your mind” and affect your decision-making. As a consequence you don’t know what to do, where to focus on, which direction or option is right for your business.

When you get to the cause of your fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, limiting beliefs with the help or Reiki, you remove those “clouds” and get clarity more easily.

5. Reiki helps you set your priorities

This is strictly connected to benefits no. 3 and 4. When you get clarity and become more aware of the voice of your intuition, you receive clear guidance to what is more important for yourself and your business.

Our business is an amazing self development journey: it forces us to grow and change to become the person we need to be to turn our business vision into reality.

Reiki is the spiritual path that allows us to remove the blocks that prevent us from becoming that person and recognize the signs of those blocks along the entrepreneurial journey.

If you want to explore more about Reiki for your personal life and business, you can book a complementary 30 minute call with me at this link: https://www.thebridgecenter.net/bookacall

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