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    Promote a spiritual approach to life -both personal and professional - founded on different ancient traditions and cultures to help as many people as possible around the world express their full potential in every area of their life, design and live the life of their dreams from the inside out, and feel good, regardless of the circumstances that inevitably life presents us with.

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    The Bridge Center is the platform (today) and the place (very soon) where our clients find all the resources they can tap into for designing and  living a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life. It is the place where we bring together teachers, practitioners, coaches, consultants, physicians and scientists from all over the world and from different cultures and backgrounds, ancient traditions and modern science so that everyone can find the tools and resources that best resonate with them for their personal and spiritual growth and successful professional life.

    In our center we plan to add very soon physical tools, books, products and in-person events that will add value to your life journey.

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    At The Bridge Center we believe that values have a great impact on our inner world and are reflected in everything we do, in life and business. This is why we make sure that all our programs, projects, and products are founded on our key core values that are also shared by all the practitioners and teachers who work with us: freedom, love, integrity, intention, awareness, being of service, authenticity, spirituality, gratefulness, truthfulness, responsibility, curiosity, joyfulness, loyalty, sharing, curiosity, fearfulness, transparency.

Welcome to www.thebrigecenter.net !

Hi, I'm Paola Devescovi, multi passionate Digital Entrepreneur, Transformational  and Prosperity Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, and founder of The Bridge - Center of Transformation


I am the mother of two lovely children -actually young adults now. For 26 years I have worked as a free-lancer conference interpreter and translator. Then, one day life presented some challenges that forced me to start from scratch and in 2009 my entrepreneurial journey began. It hasn't been an easy process at all: it required a lot of inner work to understand what I could and, especially, what I wanted to do.

My biggest challenge? Fear of failure. I guess many of you have been - or still are - there too. And this fear was accompanied by many other limiting beliefs about myself, my worth and my ability to create a new life for myself and my children, especially considering the fact that I was turning 50. Who is it going to listen to me? How can I compete with all those young, talented, beautiful, capable entrepreneurs out there? What can I offer? 

In this journey I have learnt what to me is the most important principle for a successful life: DON'T QUIT! even when circumstances are so bad that you don't see any way out. This principle - and my investment in my self-development, spiritual growth, energy healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as quantum physics, neurosciences and metaphysics - has guided my path, led me to finally trust a higher, divine energy - you can call it God, the Universe, the divine or life energy -  to guide me and build Project Prosperity, my coaching practice, form joint ventures with other entrepreneurs, create an app for smarthphones (I would have never thought I could embark in such a venture!), become an international published author, create VA Academy, launch my language service and virtual event company VirtuAlly.net, learn new skills and experiment with new businesses, be a member of the International Advisory Board of the Professional Woman Network and Community Director for the Professional Women Association of Rome, Assistant Director of the first BNI international English-speaking Chapter in Italy, and now Female Wave Of Change Ambassador for Italy all this while I was a single, broke mom of two teenagers on my own.

I have had lots of downs and some good wins. I have grown through breaking through many challenges. I have studied - and continue to study - as much as possible about life, people, success, business, money, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and intuition, raising my energy and re-wiring my mind.

I learned a lot and I continue to learn day after day. I believe that education is a life-long investment.

Today I'm following my passion of helping as many people as possible re-discover their talents and their potential, create a new fulfilling and prosperous chapter in their life, connect with their intuition to express their passions, be or become healthy by working on their energy, see and seize the opportunities that life puts before us, and achieve their goals and dreams.

I'm happy that the results of my often unconventional and metaphysical approach, combined with cutting edge bio-technologies, mind-body techniques, and business strategies have been miraculous.

And these results led me to turn Project Prosperity into something bigger - actually my dream: The Bridge Center where I can offer the best resources, and soon teachers and practitioners from around the world and from different traditions, cultures and backgrounds to help our customers and subscribers make the transformation they need to design, live and enjoy the life and business of their dreams.

I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and share with you the best resources and practitioners to help you design, create and live a healthy, joyful, peaceful, spiritually guided life!

There really is no better time to step into your power.

From my heart, to yours


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