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Empower women entrepreneurs and professionals with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis by promoting a holistic ‘slow living’ approach, rooted in diverse ancient traditions and cultures. We strive to enable individuals to design and create their dream lives and cultivate well-being despite the inevitable challenges presented by the Hashimoto’s autoimmune condition.


The Bridge Center is the premier destination and trusted resource for women entrepreneurs and professionals with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Through our comprehensive range of coaching services, courses, workshops, retreats, and supportive community, we aspire to empower these individuals to thrive in every aspect of their personal and professional lives, unlocking their full potential and realizing their dream lifestyles. We are committed to being the catalyst for transformation and well-being, making it possible for them to flourish despite the challenges posed by their condition.

In our center we plan to add very soon physical toolsbooksproducts that will add value to your life journey.


At The Bridge Center we believe that values have a great impact on our inner world and are reflected in everything we do, in life and business. This is why we make sure that all our programs, projects, and products are founded on our key core values that are also shared by all the practitioners and teachers who collaborate with us: 
slow living, bioindividuality, freedom, love, integrity, inclusion , intention, awareness, being of service,
authenticityspirituality, gratefulnesstruthfulnessresponsibilitycuriosityjoyfulnessloyalty,sharing, curiositycourage, transparency.

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Hi, I’m Paola Devescovi, multi-passionate Transformational  and Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Digital Entrepreneur and founder of The Bridge – Center of Transformation

My Autoimmune and Coaching Journey

As someone who has battled Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for the past at least 27 year (15 years since the diagnosis), I understand the profound impact that this condition can have on one’s life. My journey with Hashimoto’s was a challenging one, marked by years of struggling with fatigue, brain fog, and persistent weight issues that seemed insurmountable. Before receiving my diagnosis, I sought answers from various doctors, but my symptoms were often dismissed as the natural result of two pregnancies and of being a mother of two young children, especially since my husband’s frequent travel left me shouldering most of the responsibilities.

It wasn’t until I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis that I began to connect the dots between my health challenges and this autoimmune condition. What I discovered is that Hashimoto’s can serve as the hidden trigger for other unexpected health issues. In my case, a severe hypertension episode in 2020 and, recently, digestive problems emerged as unexpected companions to my Hashimoto’s journey.

At this pivotal point in my life, having already obtained my life coaching certification, I decided to dive deeper into understanding my condition and explore how I could enhance my well-being despite the challenges. This led me to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and become a certified Integrative Health Coach, a decision that not only transformed my health but also reshaped my professional path. Today, I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and professionals with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis because I’ve experienced firsthand the profound impact it can have on our lives, well-being, and work performance. I believe that with the right lifestyle changes, individuals can not only cope with this condition but thrive in their lives.

As a single mother raising two teenagers, I’ve faced numerous setbacks and savored hard-earned victories. These challenges have been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth. I’ve immersed myself in studying life, people, success, business, and beyond, constantly learning and evolving.

In 2022, life presented me with another significant challenge, leading me to relocate to Barcelona, Spain. This life-altering experience led me to meet an Integrated Medicine doctor who allowed me to further understand my Hashimoto condition and motivated me to embrace a “slow living” philosophy in both life and business and transform my coaching practice (Project Prosperity) into The Bridge Center of Transformation.

My mission now is grounded in the belief that true transformation begins by nurturing the entire self. Guided by the wisdom of ancient traditions and enriched by modern scientific discoveries, I’ve created a sanctuary where my clients can explore their “bio-individuality”, learn to listen to and trust their body and pursue their aspirations, even with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. “The Bridge Center of Transformation” is not just a space; it’s a place where we bridge the gap between the timeless wisdom of nature and the cutting-edge insights of science. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey that integrates the best of both worlds, helping you reconnect with your essence, listen to your body and craft a life that aligns with your natural rhythms and the whispers of your spirit.

Welcome to The Bridge Center, where the journey of transformation unfolds. I’m excited to walk this path with you, and I firmly believe that there’s no better time than now to reclaim your power and embrace a life of thriving.

From my heart to yours!