Are You Conservative In Your Thinking Or Are You Creative?


Creativity is the mother of success. No, this is not a quote, it’s my firm belief. Creativity leads to innovation and ultimately to success.

I have been studying and researching  creativity for quite a while, especially in the field of communication. And while I was researching this topic I stumbled upon this video of designer Tim Brown talking about the powerful relationship between creative thinking and play. He presents some interesting examples that you may try out on your own. 


What do you do to be creative in your business and marketing strategy?

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4 thoughts on “Are You Conservative In Your Thinking Or Are You Creative?”

  1. I love Ted videos. This one was very good. I use videos to market.I make fun ones for birthdays and sometimes I make silent ones to make people pay closer attention. Creativity is very important to get yourself noticed.

  2. I really love this video! It’s really interesting to witness the giggles and positive energy emerging from this presentation. People love to play and explore their creativity! What an engaging subject! Great share, Thank you Paola.

    • Yes Nathalie, I love this video too! I’ve had several clients who have been so surprised to find out they could be so creative! People very often think that creativity is something you are born with and that only a few people are born with the “creatitity trait”. We are all creative, but we don’t spend time exploring our creativity. You are an artist Nathalie, do you agree with me?


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