Are You Paying Attention To Synchronicity In Your Life?


I would have never thought  14 years ago that the mother of my daughter’s little friend at the nursery school would become my partner and best friend. Looking back at these last 14 years, I have identified all those people, places and events that finally made Ann and I best friends: the friend who talked to me about the school, my daughter who chose Ann’s daughter as her best friend, choosing the same school for our kids, sharing a cabin at the beach, events in our lives who drew us closer and closer… All this has brought us here, today.

Synchronicities are the people, places and events that you attract into your life and that help you evolve to a higher level of awareness or that highlight something in our life you need to pay attention to.  The more aware we become of the synchronicities in our life, the more we learn to manifest positive experiences. Every day significant coincidences occur: we attract them to manifest what we desire or what we believe in. This is the way it works: every experience is first born as a thought that then manifests on the physical plane.

Nothing happens by chance, this is true. Our experiences are what our soul attracts into our physical world.

Synchronicities are not always positive. Sometimes they are important lessons for us to learn. For example, we attract a partner whom we later discover that is wrong for us. At the moment we think that he/she absolutely is the right person for us. Maybe we have attracted that partner because we needed to understand what is not right for us.

If we are emotionally distressed and believe that life is a drama, we inevitably attract dramatic people and events reflecting our inner turmoil. In order to manifest what we really desire, we have to look within ourselves and understand what is happening there. If there is chaos and confusion, we will attract disappointing people and experiences.  Therefore it is important to stop and look at the bigger picture of the synchronicities in our live.

Here are some example of synchronicities:

–          We enter a bookstore not knowing what to buy and “the right book” falls from a shelf.

–          You’ve been thinking about a person who you would love to hear from and this person calls you on the phone.

–          You finish a sad relationship and you meet a new partner by chance. Maybe you force yourself to go out for dinner and there he/she is.

–          You are depressed, you don’t know what you want and you speak with a person that you hardly know and this conversation triggers something inside yourself and you start seeing things under a different light. And from that moment on, positive events seem to occur in your life.

–          You drive to a place where parking is impossible and somebody pulls out from a parking spot as soon as you arrive.

–          You meet somebody you like and touches your soul. Synchronicity after synchronicity this person seems to come into your life over and over again. You start thinking that destiny has brought this person to you and you start thinking with your heart instead of with your head. You feel deeply connected with this person. In some cases, this person may be our soulmate but in other cases you have attracted this person into your life to learn an important lesson for your personal growth.

Thinking about the last 10 years in my life and all the events and people that I have attracted in those years, I can now understand that direction I have followed and that has led me here today.

This is a video I want to dedicate to your life’s synchronicities.

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To your meaningful and powerful synchronicities

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