Seizing Opportunities

So, now you’ve started “projecting” your prosperity. You have clarified what prosperity means to you, you are visualizing your prosperity, you’ re casting out the images of the prosperity you want, you are also acting and speaking words of prosperity. You have set in motion energy waves that propagate in the form of thoughts, images, …

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Why Do You Want To Attract Financial Prosperity?

We often worry obsessively about a shortage of money or not being able to pay our bills or buy something we want. When we do so, we make the situation evern worse. We know that “lack” is the condition of not having something we want. Lack is not the absence of money, or health, or love. Those are just the symptoms of lack.

Let’s Make Room To Let Prosperity Into Our Life

When you want to attract prosperity in your life, you need to make room for it and clear your space of all those things that cause an accumulation of negative energy or, in other words, clutter.

Clutter is anything useless or unused that you keep for any reason (I may need it sometime in the future, for example) 

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