[046] How to Cultivate Self-Awareness for a Thriving Life


Self-awareness is about checking yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can show up with your best energy in every area of your life. Yet we very often put ourselves last on the list. We don’t check how we are, we just go on with our everyday routine and very often keep pushing … Read more

5 Ways Reiki Benefits Your Business


At a speed networking event last week, I was asked this question: “I understand Reiki for healing but how do you use Reiki in your business?” To me it’s natural and practical. However I understand that it may not be the same to other people. For those of you who are new to Reiki, It … Read more

[045] Reiki, Energy and Spirituality Conversation with Tina Eloise


Reiki, energy and spirituality in everyday life: this is my recipe for living this life fully, connected to the natural rhythms of life and for creating what I desire. Scientists have proven and continue to prove that we are energy beings and that everything starts at the energy level: both what we want and what … Read more

[044]Practical Spirituality in Your Everyday Life


I wrote a whole article on spirituality, what spiritual practice means to me and the essence of it is summarized in the first 2 lines: I define daily spiritual practice as something you do every single day that connects you with who you really are, your divine self or soul. In today’s episode we focus on the … Read more

[043] Leadership and Sustainability: a Necessary Combination to Bring About Change and Innovation

irene magistro

Sustainability: how many times a day do we hear this term? Sustainable environment, sustainable project, sustainable intervention…. but what exactly does sustainability mean? And for sustainability to happen, we need leaders who can manage and preserve it, and who have specific skills. This is the topic of today’s episode of the ProsperityOnAir podcast, together with … Read more

[040] Slowing Down for Your Health and Wellbeing

slow down

Slowing down? I cannot, I have so many things to do every day and I only have 24 hours. This is most of my clients’ first reaction when I suggest them to slow down. Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” However, today life seems to be all about speed. … Read more

[039] Leading from the Heart


   “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – John C. Maxwell –   In our western culture, the image of the heart is mainly associated with kindness, emotions, maybe weakness. However, the heart is also a strong and powerful force of life. How to be … Read more

[038] Expressing Your Talents to Make an Impact and Live a Prosperous Life

Dace Lace

   Are you ready to nurture your talents to make more impact in your career or business and create prosperity in your life?   This week I have talent expert Dace Lace on the podcast. Dace is the go-to person if you are unsure what your talents are, or if you feel that you … Read more

Why Is a Daily Spiritual Practice Important?

spiritual practice

I define daily spiritual practice as something you do every single day that connects you with who you really are, your divine self or soul. So many people still associate spirituality with religion or yoga mats and meditation.To me spirituality means living your life from that connection with your divine self. And you can find … Read more

Rebalancing Your Energy with Colors

color therapy

In his book, “The Seven Keys to Colour Healing”, Roland Hunt writes: “In the ancient temples of Helipolis, Egypt, the force of colour was used, not only as an aid to worship, but also as a healing agent. These temples were oriented so that the sun shone through in such a way that its light … Read more