Change: so Dreaded, yet so Magical


I was chatting online with a friend this morning and we happened to end up talking about change and how important it is not to resist it.

We constantly experience change: you make your plans for the day, then your computer crashes, or your child gets a flu, or the supermarket runs out of minced meat and you are forced to review your working, family or cooking plans for that day.

Resisting change leads to frustration because you don’t do or get things the way you want.  In thinking so we miss the magic of change.

Magic means changing something into something different: you want to change your struggle for money into prosperity, ugliness into beauty, wine into champagne, a bicycle into a Ferrari, a small flat into a mansion, the ordinary into the extraordinary.

How can you do that? By changing yourself first. Change starts from within: first you have to change your thoughts, beliefs and your attitude towards life. This is something that only you can do for yourself; nobody else can do it for you.

History and everyday life are full of examples of people who accepted change and that was a turning point in their life. All great men and women accept and foster change and that is what brings them magic.

There is an art in being different and in bringing change – and therefore magic – in your life. This art requires that from the moment you decide that you want to change your life  you are going to think, speak and act in a positive way.

Confucius said ” They must often change who would be constant in happiness”. When you feel you are fed up with your life, your work, always doing the same things again and again every day, what you need is change and be free of doing as you please.

Change requires repetition: you cannot do something once and think it has become a new habit. You must reiterate the change you want to make: like all new things, you have to get used to them, practice – I love this word! – them so that they become a new, changed habit.

Here are some tips for gradually bringing change into your life:

  • Go shopping or to work or school by a different route. This means that you will see different faces, buildings, shops.
  • Use your left hand instead of your right – and if you are left-handed, use your right one.
  • Eat out if you usually eat in.
  • Sleep in a different bed or in a different room.
  • Buy something of a colour you have never worn before
  • Try a different sport or a different hobby, you may be surprised to discover what skills you have!!!
  • Get yourself a diary and each day write about something new or different that you have done that day. This will work as a reminder and can get you out of  “sameness”. People who live in a vicious cycle and always do the same things day after day are those who are always about to get a nervous breakdown or exhaustion day after day.
  • Turn places upside down. Things that have always stood in the same place for years can found another place and the room will look different, refurbished and renewed. The energy in it will change.
  • Determine to get more out of life and make every day exciting. What can you do or try today?
  • Change your hair style or colour

Smash routine and you will become a new person, you will feel and look younger and full of energy and you will see magic in your life.

What are you waiting for now? Try out some of my tips to foster change and leave me your feedback here! Let me know how you are doing!

To your magic!!!

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