Private Coaching with Paola


My coaching approach is very unconventional. It  integrates cutting edge bio-technologies and leading coaching and energy techniques. This approach helps us identify very clearly if the blocks to achieving your desired goals are physical - business model and physical environment -, informational - strategies, skills, tools and resources -, energetic - thoughts, beliefs, emotions -, or spiritual - your purpose and your why. 

The coaching tools and technology, mind-body and energy techniques (Reiki, E.F.T., meditation and energy psychology in particular) all contribute to achieve deep, long-lasting results that are aligned with the clients’ vision and purpose. 

As a coach, I will support you in designing the program to achieve your goals, through defined steps, and identifying together the most effective strategy. The program stimulates your creativity to develop the best methods for achieving your success.

Your commitment and accountability is the force that inspires the actions that will take you to your goal.

I will ask you many questions to help you clearly identify the obstacles, both internal and external, that stand between you and your goals. In this way you can overcome limiting thoughts and take the right actions.

I will constantly supports you to help you recognise and develop your full potential. You will become aware of your strengths and your self-confidence will increase so that you can more easily face challenges and turn them into opportunities. You will deepen your self-knowledge, develop self-discipline and  focus on what is really important to you.

Constant commitment and practice makes you more and more aware that you are the master of your life and that you can control and change circumstances to achieve your goals and dreams.

Coaching can:

  • help you in your business or career
  • help you in getting clarity to make important decision
  • help you in career transition
  • support you in lifestyle changes (diet, wellness program, etc.)
  • help you and developing a spiritual practice
  • help you reduce stress

and much more.

To book a complimentary coaching session, choose the most convenient date and time here:

Complimentary sessions are held on line on the Zoom platform. You will receive a link a few hours before your session, so make sure you add to your email contacts so that emails from us will not end up in the spam folder.


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