Coworking, Networking And Baby-Parking: A “Plan C” That Works


Juggling between work and family characterizes the life of many women who often have to opt for either Plan A – focus on their job – or Plan B – leave the job and take care of their family.

 A group of women in Milan have worked out a solution that integrates these two important parts of a woman’s life: a “Piano C”(Plan C) based on the concept of co-working, but also a place where women can network, share resources, find training programs as well as services that save time and and avoid stress and anxiety when the baby-sitter is sick or the schools are closed.

“Piano C”‘s Opening Party In Milan

“Piano C”’s official opening took place on December 11 and 50 women had already subscribed. 250 square meters with 14 desks, 6 meeting rooms, 2 baby-parking rooms. The key concept is that of a community of women working as free-lancers, professionals, enterpreneurs and managers with common needs and resources to share. “Piano C” also offers customized training courses and events as well as services such as laundry, shopping, special agreements with shops and facilities in the district.

One of the meeting rooms

The baby parking area

A very innovative project where mompreneurs and working moms are able to integrate their professional and personal life and have the time to enjoy their motherhood and womanhood. A best practice to take as an inspiring model.

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