Do You Know What Your Life Purpose Is?


I was visiting some blogs this morning and I stumbled upon a video by Ellie Drake. For those of you who do not know who Ellie Drake she is the CEO of BraveHeart Productions, a medical doctor, author of “It’s Easier Done then Said” and a motivational speaker who has inspired thousands worldwide. She was born in Iran and left the Middle East to reach America at the age of fourteen. With her broken English and strong determination, she became a medical doctor and fulfilled her dream, achieving phenomenal success in business.

So going back to Ellie’s video this morning, she speaks of the importance of understanding your life purpose.  Listen to her words:


So this is what moves us in life. Based on our life purpose,  we make decisions, think certain thoughts, develop believes, act, speak and create the life we desire.

At least this is how things should be. However not everybody knows what his or her life purpose is. Many of us just go on doing exactly the same things, being unhappy and feeling frustrated because they have never asked themselves what their life purpose is. Once it is clear what your purpose in life is, everything falls in the right place and your thoughts, actions, words, feelings all contribute to fulfilling this purpose.

I asked myself what my life purpose was a long time ago. At that time I felt I had to study foreign languages because I wanted to contribute  to bridge the gap between different cultures.

I graduated in modern languages and I have worked as a conference interpreter for  23 years.

Over this period I also went into self development and learned how the wrong thoughts and attitudes prevent us from living the life we want. I also learnt that we all deserve happiness and prosperity in our lives. So my life purpose has slightly changed:

I want to help people build their prosperity and success, because we all deserve being prosperous and successful.

I want to enjoy this beautiful planet and everything it offers every day.

I want to teach my children to appreciate what they have and that they are the masters of their own life.

And I want to accompany them along this wonderful journey that is called life.

And what is your purpose in life?

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To your prosperous journey

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7 thoughts on “Do You Know What Your Life Purpose Is?”

  1. Hi
    I too want to help people find prosperity and success. Thank you for a wonderful post about life purpose. We all should love what we do and do what we love 🙂
    Thanks again

    • Thank you Wendy for your comment. There are so many people out there who do not even think they may have a life purpose and let life events to take charge of their lives. If everybody took the time to ask himself what his life purpose may be, this would be a much better world with really happy and fulfilled people

    • I do Sandra. I want to enjoy this life as much as I can and appreciate everything I have and that I will attract into my life. Challenges do happen in life and it’s important to understand the lesson they represent. This does not mean that I do not have any difficulty and that I’m never upset. But every time I feel a negative emotion arising I try to remind myself to look for the lesson I need to learn.

  2. Hi Paola and thank you for all your tips, very very precious. ….. this lady, PEOPLE of the world ,is always ready to tell you the right thing to do!

    ciao Stefano


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