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I woke up very early this morning. My family was still sleeping and it was dawning. My dog was still sleeping too and, as I walked by, he opend one eye to look at me and then went back to sleep.  I sat down on my sofa and looked at an earthenware vase I had hand-built: I remember the whole process of making it and the joy I felt when I took it out of the kiln. I looked at my garden tools next to the window and smiled thinking of how happy I am whenever I spend time gargening and taking care of my vegetable garden.

Nearly 50 years of memories reflected in the objects displayed in my home. My grandmother’s Singer sewing machine, my father’s helicopter model, photograph books….every object carries a memory and has meaning to me.

The objects  you choose for your home are not random. As human beings we tend to invest objects with deeper meaning. The seashells displayed on your coffee table are not just the composite material some mollusks produce as their inner shell and that you like desplayed in your home: it is the shoreline that you walket along at sunset during your last summer vacations. It is your children’s laughter while they were playing on the beach. It is the feeling of the sun warmth on your skin. It is the sense of freedom you experienced. You might not remember all these feelings and associations as you pass by them in your home, but they are there, affecting the way you feel about life.

The meaning of the objects you choose for our homes may be associated with how you feel about:

  • the person who gave them to you
  • the person who made them
  • the place you bought them from
  • the circumstances in your life at the time you bought or received them
  • the meaning they had for the person who gave them to you
  • the memories associated with them
  • their color, smell, sound, touch, and so on
  • what they represent for you

And this applies to everything there is in your home: it will either increase or drain you energy.

Bring Balance To Your Life

This happens because you tend to choose and organize objects so that they complete a process of integration.  And here are to the second way the objects you choose for your environment affect you:

Your mind constantly rearranges the pieces of your reality so that they have meaning to you. For example if you choose  a painting of a volcano for your living room and you put it next to a photograph of a mountain lake, it might indicate that you are trying to integrate your “explosive” nature with a desire for a quieter, more reflective life.

If you are looking for a romantic and stable relationship and most paintings and pictures in your home show “single” persons, what this might indicate is that deep inside yourself your fear being in a relationship.

When you understand the deeper meaning of the objects in your home and how they represent various aspects of yourself, you can see how the separate parts of yourself are connected and you can alter the symbols in your home to create balance in your life and be what you really want to be.

What do the objects in your home are telling you? What are the memories and associations attached to them?

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I’m looking forward to sharing more tips on how to get more integrated with your home. So stop by tomorrow for my next post!

To your unstoppable prosperity

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13 thoughts on “Get More Integrated With Your Home”

  1. Hey Paola… you are making me miss my old house reading these posts!

    As I said in a previous comment I don’t have all my usual surroundings but I do have a lot of things stowed away at the moment that I can look at and have a thousand memories from!

    And you have just reminded me that I need more paintings and pics on my walls!

    Seriously though, great post. I love how you give a totally different perspective and meaning to the simple things in our lives and remind us just how powerful they really are

    • Thank you Nat.
      We too easily tend to forget how even little things are important and powerful in our lives. An so many people are unaware that if you make the right changes in your house/office you can attract or achieve what you desire more easily.
      I’m very happy that my posts are helpful to you
      To your prosperity

    • Hey Michael,

      this means that the energy in your home does support you and your family!!!!! And you must feel such positive vibrations when you’re at home!!!
      Thanks for your comment!
      To your prosperity


    • Thanks for your comment and I’m glad to liked my content. I haven’t refreshed my content for a while because I have had a lot of projects going on at the same time and that absorbed me completely. However, keep visiting me because I will be posting new content at least twice a week.

  2. This is also one of those reasons which differentiates between a house and a home. There is so much emotions and special moments involved in making a home so every object in the house comes with and for a reason. You’ve made me reflect on a very special topic Paolo, I’d like to read more of your articles.

  3. The only problem is that most of us are so busy balancing things in our external lives; bringing balance to our internal systems isn’t on the forefront our minds. Though internal balance, or imbalance, may be the reason for our out of balance external selves.

  4. Boundaries are physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that keep us safe, protected and nurtured. Having healthy boundaries empowers us to say no when appropriate and attract what we want into our life and keep out “garbage.” Boundaries show others that you love, care, and value yourself.


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