Holiday Overwhelm: 7 Tips to Avoid It


The holidays are just around the corner. And so is the holiday overwhelm associated with them. It’ll be Christmas in a blink of an eye. I must confess that like many people I used to dread the holidays.The holidays can be an overwhelming and stressful time for many people. Between expectations, crowded shopping malls, and the pressure to make everybody happy, preparing lunches and dinners, it can be extremely overwhelming, especially for women. 

Overwhelm equals stress, and stress is the cause of many conditions and illnesses. So why making the holiday time – that should be a time of joy and bonding with our dear ones – the cause of stress?

So this year I have decided to beat the overwhelm by doing the following 7 things.

My 7 Tip to Beat Holiday Overwhelm

  1. Take one thing off my holiday to do list. Honestly this has required a bit of inner exploration: what am I going to take off the list? And I have decided to avoid going to shopping malls to buy presents. I will purchase intentional and meaningful gifts online instead, as you will read below.
  2. Say yes only when I really mean yes. Nobody will die if I say no to an invitation. I have decided to say no to those Christmas parties I really don’t want to go to.
  3. Make time for myself. Especially if I feel tired or the early signs of overwhelm appear, I will take 15/20 minutes of undisturbed time to re-energize with some tapping, a self Reiki session (btw, more to come about Reiki on this website), meditation or reading a few pages from an inspiring book.
  4. Identify potential trigger points. There are inevitable trigger points in every family, you know those topics or remarks that fire up the conversations and that spoil the family gathering. In my case, I will set boundaries with my family letting them know that my job or ex-husband is off limits in conversation.
  5. Maintain self care activities. These are no-negociables to me and include:
  • Exercise. Physical exercise helps me (actually it helps everyone) release stress and tension. Maybe a quick walk to get some fresh air, or put on some music and dance, or practice yoga or some fitness routine
  • Morning self-Reiki session, journaling and reading
  • Midday meditation
  • Evening journaling
  • Daily grounding practice (follow my Facebook page or YouTube Channel, I will soon publish grounding exercises for the holidays!)
  1. Unplug from Social Media. Do we really need all those selfies of our Christmas lunches? 
  2. Intentional and meaningful gifts. Gifts are a way for us to tell our dear ones that we have been thinking and we care about them. So this year I really want to be intentional and give them something that can help them be healthier, or more prosperous, more relaxed. One of these gifts, for example, is a beautiful Quantum Prosperity Astro Session I have created with very dear friend and Astro Counselor, Elizabeth, that combines my Quantum Prosperity coaching method and her astrology and counseling tools to identify the areas of one’s life that will be more naturally prosperous in 2020 and those that will require some work or changes instead.

Now it’s your turn! What do you do to stay centered, calm, and de-stressed?

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comments: many people come here every week for inspiration and advice, so I encourage you to share your thoughts. Your experience and insights may inspire and trigger a meaningful change for someone else. And if you have someone in your life who could benefit from this podcast, share this post with them – they’ll thank you for it.

Thank you for listening!

From your heart to yours

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