Let’s Make Room To Let Prosperity Into Our Life


When you want to attract prosperity in your life, you need to make room for it and clear your space of all those things that cause an accumulation of negative energy or, in other words, clutter.

Clutter is anything useless or unused that you keep for any reason (I may need it sometime in the future, for example)  and forget about.

Let’s identify some types of clutter:

  • Books: some people find it very hard to get rid of books. Clinging to old books prevents new ideas and new thoughts from coming into your life. You stick to old thought patterns and your energy becomes oldfashioned and stale like your books.
  • Photographs: what’s the point in keeping your pictures closed up in boxes or drawers? Let’s enjoy them: hang them on your walls, send them as postcards to your friends and relatives, enjoy their energy when it’s still fresh. And get rid of all those pictures that remind you of sad times.
  • Collections: when you collect something it’s because you need the energy attached to it. So it is important to understant why you are collecting it and maybe replace your collection with something else. Let’s make room for something new.
  • Things that need to be fixed: they also drain your energy. Broken or faulty things that should be taken care of reflect the lack of care for yourself. When you take care of your house and belongings, you take care of yourself. So fixing these things is an investment on yourself.
  • Somebody else’s belongings: you know, that sofa your friend could not keep because he moved to a smaller house? Why should it take room in your house that you could feel with the energy you choose?

I’m sure that while you where reading this post you realized how much clutter you keep in your house. You are probably thinking: “Maybe I should start and do something about it, but where should I start from? And if I need that bag later and I have thrown it away in the meantime?” In this case a non-traumatic decluttering approach can be the right solution. Have a look at this article.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have clutter around you that prevents prosperous energy to come into your life!

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Make Room To Let Prosperity Into Our Life”

  1. Hi Paola:

    You are so on the mark about clearing out unused and other things that no longer serve us. Clutter like paper multiply like rabbits. Learning to let go and part with things are key to clearing space and opening self to new opportunities.

    • Hi Jane,
      thanks for your comment. Your definitely right: if you don’t take care of you clutter it does multiply. And it gets more difficult to get rid of it. If you want samething new in your environment, first you need to make room for it. Clutter occupies the room that you could use for something you need more at this time in your life or for something you really desire. And as you said, when you do so you open yourself to new opportunities and experiences.

  2. I didn’t realize that clutter can hinder prosperity in my life. A simple keeping pictures inside the drawers. I’m guilty about that. Maybe I should get them an album of frames or do something about them. Thanks for reminding me about my photos 🙂


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