Let’s Project Our Prosperity


In order to attract prosperity into your life, you first have to “project” prosperity. This means that you have to make a plan to let prosperity in. And for this plan to be successful, you don’t have to neglect any detail.

“Projecting” does not only mean planning and organizing something that you want to implement or realize. If you look at the meaning of this verb in the dictionary, you will see that it also means:

  • To devise in the mind
  • To cause to fall into space or upon a surface
  • To throw or cast forward
  • To produce with exceptional clarity and distinctness
  • To move in a prescribed direction
  • To communicate vividly (usually to an audience)

So if you are projecting your life so that it attracts experiences of prosperity you first need to shape the idea of prosperity in your mind, think prosperous thoughts. Ask yourself: what does prosperity mean to me? Does it mean having money? Then think of huge amounts of money flowing into your bank account, for example. Does it mean wearing expensive and fashion clothes? Then think of all the clothes and accessories you would like to buy. Does it mean being free to do whatever you like whenever you want? Think of all the things you would like to do, how you would like to spend your day, the trips you would do, the food you would eat, and so on.

Then you have to visualize those thoughts that you have formulated, reproduce them upon your mind’s screen. The clearer and the more detailed and distinct your visualization, the sooner the desired experience will arrive. Fill in your visualization with the tiniest detail, smell it, taste it, feel it. So if prosperity means money, imagine banknotes coming from every direction, touch them, imagine holding them in your hands, visualize your bank account on your computer screen with the amount you want as your balance.

The next step is to cast those images and thoughts forward, throw them outside into the universe. What I like to do is I visualize a golden ball (it can be any color) where I put my thoughts and images of what I want to attract and I imagine giving it to the universe, feeling deep inside myself that the universe will take care of it.

At the same time you have to move towards the prosperity you want and that you are thinking of and visualizing. So you have to act as if you already have it. Your actions must reflect your thoughts. You may say: how can I buy expensive clothes if I don’t have the money? Go window shopping where you would like to buy your clothes from: try them on, choose what you would like to buy and say to yourself: I can buy this if I really want to. This way you don’t focus on lack, but rather on affording. Remember that you attract exactly what you focus upon, so if you focus on lack this is what you attract. If you want prosperity, this is what you have to focus your thoughts upon.

And finally you have to communicate prosperity: speak prosperous words. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it. If you catch yourself saying: I can’t afford this now, reformulate your statement and say something like: I can buy this but I don’t really need it right now. And sound confident, convince yourself that you don’t really need it now.

And if despite all that prosperity is not in your life yet, try to see when a thought of lack has entered your mind or when despite what you were saying to yourself, what you were really thinking was: I will never afford this or I don’t deserve it.

Now you hold the keys that are necessary to let in your life the prosperity that you desire.

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Project Our Prosperity”

  1. I like this article as to become prosperous, that goal has to begin somewhere. And to start of with as little as a thought, it builds on that which will grow into an action, and then grows further into a habit, then you develop it as your character, which will ultimately get to your goal.

    • This is so true. However most of us don’t realize that our thoughts shape our life and keep on holding on thought patters that keep them away from their goals. It doesn’t take much to change our thoughts and tune them to the goal we want to attain.

  2. This is a very true article. When we project our ideas and turn them into a reality. The rewards can be great. We just need to train ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing. Karen

    • Hi Karen, thank you for your comment. It’s important to remember that when you go off track and you realize that your thoughts are focused on something other than what you want, you should not be discouraged nor feel that you’ve failed. This should be taken as an alert so that you can go back on track and learn from that experience.

  3. Hi Paola,
    great post. I love that: Goal setting, visualization, law of attraction. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Have a blessed day and take care.
    To a prosperous life

    • Hi Oliver,
      you for your kind comment. Visualizing what you most desire in your life and seeing it happen is FUN. It’s a pity that many people don’t undertand that and think you are wasting your time. They don’t know what they miss.


  4. “you first need to shape the idea of prosperity in your mind, think prosperous thoughts. Ask yourself: what does prosperity mean to me?”

    When you’re focusing on WHY you want something, it’s easier to find the feeling place rather than focusing on HOW to reach it.
    So this question is very powerful, because what we really want, in the end, is just a feeling. We want to feel good!
    And by choosing propsperous thoughts, we are feeling good NOW!

    Great tip,
    Rock on!


    • Thank you for your comment, Francesco.

      The mistake many of us make is thinking that you just need to say to yoursefl “I want to achieve this” and you have it. If you don’t feel it in yourself you’ll never get it. If you don’t visualize that you already have it, you will never attain it. You have to creating the condition of already possessing what you want inside yourself. That will help set things in motion that will help you attract what you really want.

      To your prosperity


    • Thank you James for your comment. With just a little committment we can learn to watch closely what we send out to the universe and take responsibility for what we attract into our lives.
      To a prosperous life!


  5. Paola,
    This post ROCKS! We must all keep in mind that Prosperity is not just something that “Happens” but in fact it is a directed constant that we develop over the course of our lives.

    It is developed in everything that we do from the books we read to the music we listen to and even maybe even more importantly the company that we keep.

    When we are vigilant and take steps to not only increase our prosperity but also safeguard it from other less desirable content then we can be assured that we are doing everything possible to ensure incredible success in our life and the lives of others.

    To Our Massive Success,

    • Thank you John for your comment. What you said about safeguarding prosperity is so important. A common mistake is to think that once you have attained something, you will have it for ever with little to no effort on your part. When prosperity does manifest in your life, you have to must do everything possible to protect it and to cherish it.

      To our prosperous journey



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