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[026] Increasing Engagement and Sales Through Automation

Increasing engagement and sales is key to ensure the success of your business.

There are different ways, tools and strategies to do that. However, being advised by an expert not only ensures that the strategies and tools that you will implement are the ideal ones for your particular business, but – and this I think is probably even more important – allows you to avoid all the trial and error not to mention the enormous amount of time required by testing all those tools and strategies.

Automating certain parts of your business – especially those parts that increase engagement and sales – is one of these successful strategies. However, you must know what to automate and when.

In today’s episode of the ProsperityOnAir podcast, we will explore this topic and much more with The Queen of AutomationEmma Hammond.

Emma is a single mother living in Jersey, The Channel Islands.

After making the decision to build a better life for herself and her child she threw herself into building a business around working two jobs, raising a child and battling with mental health issues.

Over a period of four months she increased her revenue in her business by over 900% all through organic marketing methods using Facebook and has never spent any money on advertising.

She works with service-based business owners helping them to create businesses that give them freedom and allows them to create their dream lives.

She also now runs her own agency that provides digital marketing & business process automation services.

Emma is one of the amazing speakers at the Women Who Dare to Desire Conference, magnificently designed and organized by Debora Luzi, my special guest in Episode 22 of the ProsperityOnAir podcast.

This is what we’ll cover in today’s episode:

  1. Automation allows you to simplify your business
  2. The most commonly automated processes for online businesses 
  3. The initial phases of an online business: what you need to clarify
  4. Chat bots: how to harness their full potential in creating conversations and engaging with your potential clients
  5. The impact of automation on engagement and sales
  6. The importance of knowing where and how content is consumed
  7. Using technology correctly to maximise its impact
  8. Being willing to do things differently and outsource the parts of your business you don’t enjoy doing
  9. Emma’s message to my audience

and much more

Links for this Episode:


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ProsperityOnAir Podcast – Episode 22


Now it’s your turn! Have you found your voice? And are you able to make it heard in the workplace?


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Thank you for listening!

To your success and prosperity

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