Midsummer Life And Business Review


Last night I was thinking about all the changes that happend in my life in only 4 years (if you have never read my story, you can read it here and all the challenges I faced, being a 50-year-old single mom reinventing myself and my business, and how these challenges have inspired and brought about new projects and the changes that you will see in Project Prosperity soon.

It’s been difficult, very scary at times, but I have been able to accomplish so much I’m very proud of.

Don’t quit, never quit no matter what!: this has been my mantra over the past 4 years that has helped me particularly during the last one, probably the most difficult year in my life.

So, I have done my analysis of what I did and went through and I want to share it with you.

I needed to be sure that these 4 years have not been a waste of time and money.




Evidence that I should keep going, no matter what.

  •  Co-authored two books and started writing my own book that will be published in 2015 (I will need your help for this!)
  • Launched my first in person live event “Your Voice, Your Brand” (second edition in November! Soon all the details)
  • Designed and developed an app for smartphones  and build a business around it
  • Took chances and hired an assistant
  • Invested in my personal growth and professional education (and this investment was really worth every single penny!)
  • Experimented Facebook Ads
  • Outlined a live expert interview program in joint venture with an amazing entrepreneur (soon the schedule) using Google Hangouts (amazing platform!)
  • Started publishing for Wudzone (in Italian) and on LinkedIn
  • Grew the number of people that I reach on a regular basis


I took a look at some big turning point investments

Was I making the right investments or just spending money because other people said that you need to spend money in order to make it?

There were 5 key investments that increased my revenue, brought in new leads, and gave me the confidence to take more chances

  • Invested in myself (registering to and attending T.Harv Eker’s Quantum Leap Program)
  • hired my pr and social media manager
  • took the plunge into 1shoppingcart
  • started running FB ads to grow my list even though I wasn’t comfortable doing it
  • Invested in traffic generating programs


My big lesson: always ask yourself the questions: “does this improve a key aspect of my business?”


Finally, I answered the question – If I could go back time, what would I change about my business?

I’m happy to say that the lessons I learnt were worth my efforts and will impact the way I operate this next year.

  • Stick to my plan and schedules
  • Start earlier to prepare for my launches.
  • Listen to and trust my gut feelings
  • Always review – and make adjustments- to my business plan
  • Take note of the things that didn’t work or caused problems and understand why
  • Dare more
  • NEVER QUIT, NO MATTER WHAT! (my daily mantra)


If you are undegoing a “business review”, like me, here are a few questions to ask yourself right now.

1. What worked (last month, last quarter, last year)?

2. What didn’t work? If you tried different tactics that you thought would bring your business income, why do you think they didn’t?

3. What investments did you make for your business?

4. Which investments worked – which were a waste of money?

5. How do you make decisions for your business? Based on money alone? On improvement to your brand? Or other?


Take a few minutes right now and take a look at your business and at least ask yourself what is working and what is not and let me know (just send me an email: paola.devescovi@projectprosperity.com or leave a comment on my Facebook page  or on Google+.

Next week I will start a FREE WEBINAR SERIES where I want to discuss with you your biggest personal and business challenges. Your feedback and your answers (or comments) to the questions above will help me make sure that I WILL COVER THE TOPIC YOU ARE MORE INTERESTED IN OR ARE STRUGGLING WITH.

The first live webinar will be on 17 July: you will receive all the details and a registration link.


To your business and personal success

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