Your Home: A Template For Your Personal and Spiritual Growth


We are always willing to grow. This is why we are constantly attracted to environments that can “teach” us what we need at a particular time.

The home we choose provides us with what we need to progress along our personal journey. Even if it may seem to lack harmony or be unpleasant sometime, there are never wrong homes: each home offers unique opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

What home means to you

To better understand the “lesson(s)” your home is teaching you, the first thing you need to do is to clarify with yourself what ‘home’ means to you.

For many people, home is the place where they sleep at night; for other people, home is the place where they were born and grew up. To others, home is the place where you can relax, leaving everything else outside the door. For some people, the idea of home can be linked to the traditions, religion or heritage of a particular culture and feel at home where they are surrounded with things that symbolize those associations.

Understanding the meaning of home helps us understand why we are attracted to particular homes or places.

The objects in your environment influence you

The objects in your environment deeply influence you in three different ways:

1. The symbolisms in the things that you choose for your home reinforce your identity, either positively or negatively.

2. The objects in your home reveal aspects of your innermost self and, therefore, they can help you understand your deepest desires or fears.

2. Your home can become a vehicle to express your potential.

Today I will examine the first way objects in your environment affect you.

Objects as symbols of your identity

Your home is filled with metaphors of your life, even if you are unaware of them. The things surrounding you in your house constantly remind you who you are, directing you towards old patterns of behaviour. Subconscious beliefs are deep-seated and you are often unaware of them.

Your environment doesn’t lie. Go around your house and look at the objects you have placed there as if you were entering your house for the first time. What do they tell you about yourself?

You can use the objects in your environment to release limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. Make changes in your home so that it becomes a powerful affirmation of what you want to become and of what you want to attract into your life.
This method is much stronger and powerful than writing or speaking affirmations because you are immersed in metaphors that constantly support you in becoming what you want to be or attracting what you desire.

It has been shown that spending ten minutes a day writing an affirmation like “I am now attracting abundance and prosperity into my life” has a positive effect in reprogramming your subconscious mind. However, if you create an environment around you that constantly speaks of abundance and prosperity, this idea will be rooted in your subconscious mind day and night.

You may be affirming that you are prosperous because this is what you want to attract into your life. However, if your home is very plain, with little furniture, your walls are painted in dull cream or grey, the energy feels austere, your environment speaks of little resources and this is what you will attract into your life.

In this case you should discover what prosperity means to you and find ways to implement this in your home. So for instance, you may associate prosperity to the color red or gold. In this case, adding red and golden cushions on your sofa may  help create a feeling of opulence.

So, what is your home saying to you? Does it reflect what you want to be or what you want in your life? Has this inspired to make changes in your environment so that it can support you in your life/professional journey?

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I’m looking forward to sharing more tips on how to get more integrated with your home. So stop by tomorrow for my next post!

To your unstoppable prosperity

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12 thoughts on “Your Home: A Template For Your Personal and Spiritual Growth”

    • Hi,
      thanks for stopping by and commenting! What you say it’s true: not only we ca set up our office the way we like it, but the way it supports us to attract whatever we want in our lives!

  1. Hey Paola

    I have to say that currently my home does not reflect my taste or my personality at all. And after reading this post I can definitely feel that.

    I think it can be quite overwhelming for people at times and I think that when you work from home like we do, especially long hours, it is certainly important to have comfortable surroundings as well as those we can take inspiration from.
    My inspiration in my home comes from the fact that I am working hard to change things, so I am constantly reminded everyday what I want, I don’t concentrate of the fact that I “don’t want those blinds there” I just keep imagining what I am going to replace them with when I start to renovate!

    There are a lot of things around here that I am changing however I don’t concentrate on the fact that I am unhappy with them, I am so grateful for the things I have and concentrate of what things I have coming to me to replace those things that don’t suit me!

    • Hi Nat,
      I think you have the right attitude: concentrate on what you have and you are happy with, take a note of those things you want to change and focus on attracting what you want! It is important, however, to become aware of the fact that your environment does affect you and on what drains your energy rather than boosting it. Often you don’t have to revolutionize your house: sometimes changing some little details is sufficient to create the kind of energy you need in your house or office!

  2. I am moving to a new home and want things correct.I have never worried about this nut lately I have seen more things about it.Maybe you can help me make it have better feng shui. I loved this posts. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic post Paola! I know that I have tried to stamp my mark on my home through the use of colour in the furnishings, walls, curtains etc.

    My home is my refuge where I can go to unwind, entertain & be myself. And the best place in my home is my bed! No matter where I travel, or where I stay, beds in any other place do not do what my own bed does…

    Stay Inspired!

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. You got my message: first you need to understand what you home means to you! Once you clarify that with yourself, you can understand if your home, as it is, reflects the meaning it should have for you!

  4. Hey Paola,

    Very interesting concept you have in your post today and I like it a lot… I am all about attracting your wants and desires, This idea of assisting this attraction constantly with your surrounding is great… I will be doing a little modification that’s for sure! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!
    Billee Brady

    • Hi Billee,

      thank you for your comment. The concept is very simple: what is within is without. So your environment can assist you in supporting what you have inside yourself: your true desires, your beliefs, your truths. I’m going through major changes in my life right now and I’m working on my home to support those changes. It’s really exciting to see your desires unfolding before your eyes! Good luck with your modifications and let me know about the results!

      Have a wonderful weekend


    • Hi Tim! First of all, thank you for being a regular reader and commentator on my blog! The atmosphere in a home is really important. It should reflect who you are and how you feel at this particular time in your life for you to feel really “at home”. I’m undergoing major changes in my life these days and …guess what? I have decided to remodel my house because it no longer reflects who I am now. I need more colour now! One thing I suggest to my clients is to periodically go around their house and see if there is anything they feel awkward or that they want to change. If there is, I tell them to take action, change it: it will help bring fresh energy into they homes and they will feel re-energized too.


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