Re-Descovering Yourself: Interview With Sue Price


Sue Price is one of the amazing women I had the pleasure to interview while working on my chapter for the PWN book “The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence And Passion”.

Sue blogs about mindset and business tips for home-based business owners. She also does affiliate marketing. Before coming online she built several businesses.   She has worked as a CPA, Financial Planner, Business Coach, in Events Management and in Sales and Marketing. 

Sue has been involved in personal development for most of her life. She lives in QLD, Australia and is an avid reader and loves people. 


50s are indeed your “wisdom years”, as Sue rightly calls them. When we reach this age we have gone through so much and we now have a treasure – our experiences – we can tap into to live every day with more awareness and confidence.

Your can reach Sue here.

To your prosperous wisdom years 


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