Re-Discovering Yourself – Interview With Beverly Monical


Approximately one year ago I got in touch with a wonderful lady, Linda Eastman of Professional Woman Publishing and I embarked in my writing career, co-authoring two books, “Baby Boomers: Secrets Of Life After 50!” and “The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence, and Passion”, to be released in late Spring/Summer 2014.

This has been an opportunity for me to interview some amazing ladies who have had the courage, the desire and the will to change their lives in their 50s.

Over the next weeks, leading to the release of the first book, I will publish her the video interviews with them that have helped me to collect the materials for my chapters.

I’m starting with a lady whose courage, faith, resilience are a great example and continuous inspiration to me: Beverly Monical.

Beverly is a former Early Childhood teacher. After 20 years of teaching she  decided to start her own business in the Network Marketing Industry. Through great mentoring and following her passion, she has been able to make a living at home. She works with women, especially those that want to get out of the Rat Race with their J.O.B. Her leadership has helped many.Her personal battle with cancer, has given her even more strength and desire to help and inspire others to success.



When you reach your 50s you inevitably have to face major transitions in your life: menopause; sometimes separation or divorce; the death of one or both your parents and you are no longer a child, life may force you to leave your home and move somewhere else; in these times of economic crisis you may lose your job… Often you have to start afresh.

Have you experienced any major transition in your life? How did you respond to this challenge or major change?


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