4 Session Package € 320

Single Session € 90

With Paola Devescovi - Reiki Master Teacher and Transformational and Prosperity Coach

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What is Reiki and what does it have to do with business?

Let’s start with Reiki.

It is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique that works on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Reiki is commonly translated as Universal (REI) life-force energy (KI ). Universal life force energy refers to the energy that is within every living thing on earth – plants, animals, humans and which surrounds us at all times. The concept of the presence of a ‘life force energy’ within and around us has been a key part of many cultures and philosophies going back thousands of years. The words ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana,’  also refer to the same energy source.

Reiki gently removes blocks at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and gently brings these levels into alignment.

Now, what does Reiki have to do with business?

Well the energy and flow of your business is directly related to your personal energy, whether you are aware of that or not.

Self-doubt, fear, self-sabotage, money blocks, overwhelm and limiting beliefs  can all have a major impact on your personal energy and on your business success.

When you are out of alignment energetically, you can “feel stuck” in your businessSings of being out of alignment are:


Feeling overwhelmed,

Feeling un-motivated.

Having few clients or not getting clients at all or  getting mainly difficult clients 

Feeling that things seem “on hold”.

On the other hand, when your energy is clear and in alignment, the signs are very different:

Everything seems easy,

clients are drawn to you,

You get the right clients

You are motivated

You easily manifest abundance and opportunities 

How does Reiki 4 Business work?

The Reiki 4 Business package combines coaching and Reiki. It includes 4 remote sessions (I use Zoom). Each session lasts 60 minutes + 30 minutes follow up.

The first session in mainly focused on understanding how the lack of energy alignment or unbalance manifests in your business or career.

I will then use Reiki to clear and balance your energy. It usually takes a few sessions for the energy to be cleared and balanced, this is why my package includes 4 sessions. 

We will then go through a specific process to help you identify and clear any underlying blocks that can keep you stuck or prevent you from reaching your professional goals. I will then use Reiki to clear these specific blocks and to support you in any plan and action you will decide to undertake in your business

These sessions help you make a conscious connection as to where and often why you are out of balance or stuck, regain your clarity and inner strength so that you can get back to doing what you love with ease and flow.

During the sessions I can also teach you some easy and practical energy cleaning and balancing techniques and coach you on the specific areas of your business that require attention.

As a Reiki Master and Entrepreneur since 2009, I bring all my knowledge and expertise to your specific situation and we will use the exercises and techniques that are most powerful for you in this specific moment. 

Some of the things I can work with you on include:

  • Identifying and clearing what is holding you back energetically, emotionally and practically.
  • Connecting more deeply to your intuition.
  • Understanding your energy and creating simple, practical strategies to support you as you do your work.
  • Mindset, manifestation and energy clearing techniques.
  • Identifying, finding and be found by your ideal clients
  • Setting your priorities
  • Deciding what tasks you may outsource
  • Making more empowered decisions about your business

The Reiki 4 Business program is about aligning your personal and business energies so that they can flow easily and you get clarity as to the direction of your business, the goals you want to achieve and the resources and plan you need to get there. 

Additional benefits you can expect from this program


  • More flow, clarity and abundance in both your business and personal life.
  • Confidence in maintaining  your energy alignment with clear and easy to implement techniques catered to your individual needs.
  • A better personal understanding of your energy and how to apply this knowledge for the increased success of your business.
  • A sense of inner peace, clarity and calm despite hectic schedules and the ups and downs of life.

The Reiki 4 Business package includes 4 sessions. However, individual sessions for consultations are also available.

Select the option you desire and you will receive a confirmation email with the link to a calendar where you can choose the date and time of your session or sessions.

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