Seizing Opportunities


So, now you’ve started “projecting” your prosperity. You have clarified what prosperity means to you, you are visualizing your prosperity, you’ re casting out the images of the prosperity you want, you are also acting and speaking words of prosperity.

You have set in motion energy waves that propagate in the form of thoughts, images, feelings, actions and words throughout  the universe and attract what you have asked for.

The universe then starts responding to your requests in a number of ways:

You meet the right people

You come across the right book

You happen to be in the right place at the right time

And so on.

The universe presents OPPORTUNITIES to you and if you are connected with your inner self you are able to recognize them and seize them.

One of the biggest opportunities the universe has offered me was a Bootcamp on blogging.

When I decided to explore the blogging world, I came across so many sites, experts, gurus and you name it. My experience is similar to that of many other people who decided to try an online career: failures, waste of money, frustration.

Then I ran into a website offering a Bootcamp. Why is it an advantage? Because they offer daily teachings in the form of articles, tipsheets, podcasts, videos, and live webinars, combined with a private forum where a team of expert bloggers are on hand to answer questions  and help you to learn and apply my most effective strategies for creating and growing a successful blog. They have real case studies Bootcamp subscribers’blogs and you can benefit from the expert advice and from the comments of fellow “bootcampers”

For those of you who would like to seize a unique opportunity, Leo Barbuta and his team have opened registrations for their new Bootcamp:How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills (May 16-20)“.

Registrations opened yesterday, Tuesday, May 11 at 12pm Eastern and close on the 15.May at midnight (Eastern).

Click here for more information and registration.

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