Integrative Health Coaching

My approach to coaching is anything but conventional. I bring together the power of science, cutting-edge coaching techniques, and holistic energy practices to help women dealing with autoimmune conditions and their impact on their personal and professional lives.

Understanding Your Condition: autoimmune conditions often get diagnosed late in life, impacting a woman’s well-being and creating challenges including brain fog, and persistent tiredness. I will help you understand you disease whose symptoms and implications often doctors don’t share with you.

A Holistic Approach: My approach combines integrative health coaching, focusing on addressing your autoimmune condition and its effects on your life with the latest scientific insights, along with mind-body and energy techniques like Reiki, E.F.T., meditation, and energy psychology, to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce stress and anticipate stress triggers, one of the main causes of worsening symptoms or development of other autoimmune related conditions.

Guided Transformation: As your coach, I’ll work with you to craft a personalized program aimed at helping you feel well, despite your condition. We’ll define clear steps and collaboratively identify the most effective strategies, food choices and lifestyle changes to enhance your well-being.

Accountability and Progress: Your commitment and accountability serve as the driving force behind the actions that will take you to your desidered well-being. Expect a multitude of questions designed to pinpoint both internal and external obstacles and/or beliefs hindering your progress. Together, we’ll dismantle limiting beliefs and chart the right course of action.

Unleash Your Potential: Through our coaching journey, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your disease and your strengths, leading to increased self-confidence and improved resilience when facing challenges. Self-awareness, self-discipline, self-compassion and laser focus on yourself and your priorities will become second nature.

Empowerment: With consistent commitment and practice, you’ll realize that you are the master of your life. You will always need to take your medicaments, however, you’ll also discover the ability to control and shape your circumstances to achieve your health and professional goals and dreams.

Transformative Possibilities: Integrative health coaching can:

  • Empower your business or career endeavors, regardless of your condition
  • Provide clarity for critical health and professional decisions
  • Support healthy lifestyle changes
  • Cultivate a meaningful spiritual practice
  • Alleviate stress and more

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Let’s work together to empower you to thrive despite Hashimoto’s disease.