[041] The Gentle Marketing Revolution with Sarah Santacroce

Gentle marketing is feasible and effective and you don’t feel like you are selling at all, rather you focus on serving your clients in the best possible way. When I learned that Sarah Santacroce was about to publish her book “The Gentle Marketing Revolution”, I bought it immediately. I’ve known Sarah for quite some time … Read more

Are You Conservative In Your Thinking Or Are You Creative?

Creativity is the mother of success. No, this is not a quote, it’s my firm belief. Creativity leads to innovation and ultimately to success. I have been studying and researching  creativity for quite a while, especially in the field of communication. And while I was researching this topic I stumbled upon this video of designer Tim … Read more

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket – Successful Personal Branding Tips

Nothing is more important than personal branding. Products and services come and go, there are fashions, new products get to the market and replace old ones. You don’t want to stick to one product or service as an entrepreneur. The key to a long-term business success is personal branding. You become the brand. Personal brand … Read more