Tips For An Empowered Summer


I’m back writing on my blog after a long time! I’ve not been lazy though. I’m going through some major transitions in my life and I  needed to “look within” myself to truly understand which direction I wanted to take at this important time in my life.

My friend and partner, life coach Ann Flynn, helped me in this crucial process and guided me so that I could find the resources I needed within myself. This process is called “empowerment”. So I asked Ann to explain what exactly empowerment means and to give us some tips for a truly “empowered summer“.

Click on the video below to listen to Ann.

Are you working on your empowerment? What sphere of your life are you focussing on? Leave your comments below and if you liked today’s post, share it with your friends on Facebook and with your followers on Twitter.

To a truly empowered summer

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5 thoughts on “Tips For An Empowered Summer”

  1. I’d been working on it but I had no idea it’s called empowerment until I read this one and watched your video with Ann. Yes sometimes we need to reflect in ourselves and see if we are having an empowered life. If there’s no empowerment in us, how can we stand and use our abilities? We’ll end up leaving the earth without using the best that is in us. Thank you for your post. I’m awakened.

    • Hi Tim, thank you for your comment. Well, I’m very happy that you found this video helpful. There are so many people who do not have the right instruments and resources to become more empowered so that they can live the life they want. It would be so important to become more empowered so that we can get to know ourself better and live a life that is in really in line with who we are.

  2. The spheres of my life that i’m working on are Financial Stability/Independence, Family, and Spirituality. The ones that keeps nagging at me to spend more time with is Spirituality. Visiting blogs like yours helps me focused…


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