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Creativity is not confined to art. Creativity is something we should add to everything we do during the day and in every sphere of our life.

Creativity is what makes your life always beautiful and enjoyable.

Creativity is what helps you appreciate even the most trivial things.

Creativity is what makes your relationships unique.

Here are some tips to live a creative life.


The eye is the camera of the mind. Emerson said: “The landscape belongs to you”. All nature is yours through your sight. Enjoy nature and fill yourself with it by walking along a trail or on the beach, climbing up a mountain, swimming in the sea, or simply sitting outside and watching the trees around and the sky above.

By observing body language you can see human nature. Folded arms often indicate a closed mind or fear and the seed to protect oneself. Doubled fists indicate resistance or fear. On the other hand, open arms show acceptance and love and open fists are a sign of peace and friendship.

Through your eyes your read books and books can be valuable source of information and of guidance in your life.

Through your eyes you communicate your emotions. You may smile, but if you are sad inside, your eyes will convey your sadness outside.


A famous historian, James Truslow Adams suggested that we should “muffle every telephone, stop every motor and halt all activity someday, to give people a chance to ponder for a few minutes on what it is all about, why they are living and what they really want”.

Everyone should have his/her moments of solitude to think and meditate.

Great artists, inventors, philosophers, thinkers, all had their moments of solitude.

Pablo Picasso used to say that creation started when he was contemplating in solitude. Thomas Edison found that his deafness was not a handicap but a help and said that he was listening from within.

Blaise Pascal, great scientist, used to say that the miseries of men were the result of not being able to sit alone in a quiet room.

Solitude does not mean isolation, but inner serenity and quietness that opens your mind to an infinite flow of ideas.


A surprise brightens dulls day and puts a smile on people’s face.

Surprise is a creative word: it means doing something unexpected, new or different.

So….prepare your kids’ or husband’s special dish for dinner. Buy flowers for no special reason. Go camping if you have never done it. Throw a party. Write a letter to somebody you haven’t heard from for a very long time. Make a telephone call to someone just to say hallo. Go out for a walk. Go dancing.

Use surprise in your work. Famous generals wan battles by surprising their enemies. So change your actions, habits, programs and plans. Discover new trails. Think of new services and ideas to surprise your customers. Get out of your comfort zone!

Explore new hobbies. Write a poem or a short story. Get up earlier and add an hour to your day. Leave the car and walk more. Read something different.

Surprise yourself by having fun creatively including surprise in your life.

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To your creative prosperity

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