Vacation’s Resolutions


Finally I can take a break! For the past weeks I have constantly been looking forward to this moment. There’s been so much going on in my life lately that I felt I could not take in anything else. I really feel overwhelmed.

True, many things have happened and several others are still happening. But this is not the real problem.

The real problem is time management and priorities.

Time management is so important in your personal and professional life. It helps you find time for all the things you have to do in your busy day and for your loved ones. By managing your time properly, you can be sure you do not miss anything and that you allot the right time to the right things.

This is particularly important as an entrepreneur, especially when you have a home-based business: you are exposed to so many interferences and unforeseen events, that time management becomes you #1 tool to avoid failure and frustration.

And priorities. The beautiful – but also difficult to accept – thing about priorities is that they may change as your life changes. You do not need or have to stick to the priorities you set up on New Year’s Eve if your life or business has take a different turn that you could not foresee back then!

So, it is important that you sit down (or go for a walk, as I normally do) to go through your priorities and see if they are still in line with your life or if you need to change something.

Vacations are a fantastic time to take a close look at you priorities and the way you manage your time.

You are away from all those every day, urgent matters that preventy your from taking the necessary quiet time to look at things and see why they are no longer working for you as they used to do.

Moreover, you are sufficently relaxed to look at thing objectively or, at least from another perspective.

So, here I am, just about to leave for my so longed vacation and looking forward to my quiet time to go through my priorities, commitments, beliefs and you name it to set my short-term as well as long-term resolutions.

Do you also use your vacations to go through your priorities and committments? Leave me a comment below with your feedback and let me know what you do when you need to rearrange your priorities!

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To your energizing vacations

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7 thoughts on “Vacation’s Resolutions”

  1. Hey Paola…I am really bad at this, I take things away with me when I go away… how bad is that. I have to admit I have been a little better of late but I still take things with me. I usually work though when the family are asleep in bed. I don’t let it take me away from my time with them
    I hope you have a truly fabulous time! Looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  2. Paola, Hi! I have to admit I don’t really think about my priorities when I go on vacation. My job is so stressful I use the time to try and get my mind-set in a relaxed mode. We have always taken vacations where we can learn about another place or another time. I have always looked forward to my vacations and getting away. It is an exciting time. Have a blast on yours!

    • Hi Susan.
      thank you for you comment. My vacations have always been an opportunity to relax and learn about new places. My job is very stressful too, this is why I have never a real opportunity to think about my priorities and revise the way I manage my time. This is something I really need to do and I’m sure my relaxed mind will benefit from this time to find the answers I need.

      To your prosperity


  3. Hi Paola, what a great picture, I assume you went to the mountains?? As for me – I rarely take vacations. Whenever I have done that I’ve always been disappointed. I rather like to do what I love, get paid well for it and include travel in the package. My priorty is living my passion, when I do that, I don’t need to vacate from a reality I don’t like because I’ m never in a reality I don’t like. Down time is useful, it always works to “sharpen the saw” I mean who doesn’t need to take a well being break right!! I love a spa day or a good massage or a long beach walk, now if that’s a vacation, well, ya, ok.

    • A change of scenary and being away from your daily duties and pleasures may make miracles sometimes!
      I personally consider a spa day, a good massage or a long beach walk a vacation. So, you do take vacations!

  4. I really try to be on ‘vacation mode’ if I am on vacation. I mean that’s the point, right? Someone had given me a very good piece of advice about time management. He trick is to manage your tasks, not the time – as time does not change. We all get a shot for 24 hours in a day. This mindset has helped me a lot. I learned to delegate and prioritize. It also helped me avoid procrastination.


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