Why Is a Daily Spiritual Practice Important?


I define daily spiritual practice as something you do every single day that connects you with who you really are, your divine self or soul.

So many people still associate spirituality with religion or yoga mats and meditation.To me spirituality means living your life from that connection with your divine self. And you can find that connection not only through and during meditation, but also when you are cooking, gardening, running, knitting, playing an instrument, painting, hiking, meditating, golfing, doing yoga, tai chi or dancing. What matters is the profound quality of the time you spend in the practice and that you do it day after day, so that you live your life from this connection. It is not so much about the form but about the profound and connective quality of the time spent within it.

Spirituality is also re-connecting with nature and re-discovering our alignment with its cycles and its healing power. For centuries human beings have lived in close contact with nature and its cycles, respecting and honoring it. Then modern times, society and technology have slowly brought man and the earth apart. Spiritual practices help you to re-create this connection every day. A walk in the park, enjoying the beautiful colors of trees and flowers, listening to the chirping of birds, smelling the fragrance of spring: this is a spiritual practice too. 

I started cultivating my spirituality in my 20s, but it has really become deep and transformative since I was drawn to Reiki about 18 years ago. It was through Reiki that I understood what healing really means.

Healing is the process of becoming whole again. Each of us entered life whole, free of negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and ego. Life circumstances and conditioning as well as the choices we make create separation, that in turn causes our suffering.

We become whole again – and we heal – when we integrate body, mind and spirit.

Making healing your everyday intention makes you present  and mindful of how you treat your body, yourself, and others and of the choices you make in every area of your life.

Spirituality is the process of accepting whatever shows up with love, kindness, and curiosity. It is the process of becoming aware of difficult feelings — judgement, anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, shame, guilt — and asking what these feelings are telling us and what the circumstances we are responding with those feelings are teaching us.

Becoming whole in the body

You are what you eat. The main purpose of eating is to keep the body that houses you healthy. The health of your body comes from a combination of healthy habits (limited sugar, little or no caffeine for example) and joy (a bit of indulgence).

Exercise helps you to fully be in the body. Exercise is about using movement and breath to release tension in parts of the body and toxines. Exercise builds strength and flexibility to how we are, rather than simply to how we look or feel, because we are so much more than our appearance or our emotions.

Our bodies and brains are like computers — we store files in our body and brain memories that use up space and can slow us down. Every once in a while, we need to free some space: clear our minds of information and patterns that no longer serves us, remove blocks in our muscle memory caused by emotional tension (the weight of the world carried on our shoulders or in the lower back, for example).

Becoming whole in the spirit

When you become whole in the spirit, you accept whatever shows up with neutrality, love, kindness, and curiosity. You become aware of what comes up with difficult feelings — judgement, anxiety, fear, anger, shame, guilt — and ask yourself what it has come to teach us.

In my coaching and energy healing practice, I frequently see three essential causes of suffering in my clients: the first is a feeling of unworthiness. The second is a feeling of separation from others, which leads to comparisons. The third is a feeling of not being able to do enough which gives rise to fear and worry.

Through our spiritual practice we see our worthiness. We trust life to bring us the experiences we need to grow, learn and evolve, at the right time. Spiritual practice reminds us of our divine nature, power and humanity as well as of our uniqueness

Wholeness in the mind

In the mind, wholeness comes from stillness and silence. When we are still we recognize that we are not our thoughts, we are the observer of our thoughts. We recognize that thoughts bring us information and we can always choose. This awareness comes from silence. 

Wholeness comes when there are no resentments or regrets for the past, when you have forgiven everyone who has ever hurt you, including yourself.

Spirituality is a life-long process, because each day brings us new experiences that may trigger old feelings or memories and we fall back to old patterns and behaviours. However, every day is a new opportunity to heal.

Now it’s your turn. Why a daily spiritual practice is important to you? Let me know in the comments!

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