This workshop will help you re-create this connection with your body and your soul. When this connection is established and operating, we are grounded and aligned and, consequently, more focused, more energized, less stressed. We have more clarity and make better decisions. Life flows more easily, issues are dealt with more positively. We sleep better and we have a more positive attitude. Click here for more information and purchase

Price: € 35 (VAT included, where applicable)

Chakra balancing for business success

If you are looking to change and transform something in your business. Or you have tried different strategies already, or you don't know where to start from. And if you have  already started your spiritual journey but you cannot include your business or career into it... Well I'm very happy you're here. In this free workshop I share the results of many years of studying energy and correlations between the imbalances in our chakras (our energy centers) and the bottlenecks, obstacles and issues that we experience in our business or professional life. At the end of the video I'm presenting my brand new online program "Aligned" where we go deep into the chakras for your business success.

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Price: FREE

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