Why Having a Vision Matters

prosperity vision

An important part of my work with clients is to guide them in the creation of their “prosperity vision”. What I call “prosperity vision” is the vision of your life, of a prosperous life, a life that makes you feel happy, fulfilled, inspired. Very often my clients roll their eyes and do not understand the … Read more

New Books at the Project Prosperity Store

I love reading. I love learning something new every day. And I love to share with you the books and other resources that I have chosen for myself. This is why I decided to set up the Project Prosperity Store. It’s been here for a while (the link is on the right) but I never … Read more

5 Feng Shui Tips To Remove The Blocks That Are Holding You

I was having a coaching session with a client of mine the other day and she said she could not understand why, despite having worked a lot on herself over the past five years to remove negative thought patterns, she was still unable to attract financial prosperity into her life. We went through what she … Read more

Your Home: A Template For Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

We are always willing to grow. This is why we are constantly attracted to environments that can “teach” us what we need at a particular time. The home we choose provides us with what we need to progress along our personal journey. Even if it may seem to lack harmony or be unpleasant sometime, there … Read more